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Last updated 08/06/2017

This page is currently under review.  Do not rely on any information below

These are some of the manufacturers of Clubman kits and complete cars.

Please note that CDCofA does not endorse any car or manufacturer or make any recommendations.  The list is provided for you to make your own decision as to suitability and capability.

Clubman Manufacturers
Make Type Manufacturer Contact Details
ASP Clubman,
ASP340 (racing)
ASP350 (roadgoing)
Alpha Sports Productions
Ph: (08) 8258 0796
Amaroo Clubman Amaroo Clubsport Engineering (NSW) 

Ph: (02) 4388 5253
Bomac Engineering Pty Ltd (Vic)
Ph: (03) 9794 5715   Fax: (03) 9794 5720
Arrow Clubman Arrow
Birkin S3 Clubman Birkin Sportcars Pty. Ltd.
Ph: (03) 9553 4200   Fax: (03) 9553 4270
Caterham Clubman Caterham Australia Connection
Ph: (02) 6769 2323
Elfin Clubman Elfin Sports Cars - Clubman Type 3
Fraser Clubman DP Motorsport, agents for Fraser Cars (NZ) Limited  or
Ph: 0402 47 11 47
GBS Clubman
GBS Zero
Great British Sportscars

Eddy Wells
Leitch Clubman Leitch Motorsport & Restoration represented throughout Australia by West Coast Roadsters
Mob: 0407 083 145
Fax: (08) 9390 7353
Locost Clubman
MNR Clubman Redback Motorsport
(61) 0411 114126
UK manufacturer
Nota Clubman, F1, Fang, Chimera, Le Mans Nota Sports and Racing Cars 
Ph: (02) 9651 2529
PRB Clubman PRB Australia 
Ph: (02) 9402 5092 Mob: 0438 438 435
PUMA Clubman Puma
Stryker Clubman Barmax Engineering, Port Pirie
WASP Clubman West Coast Roadsters
Ph/fax: (08) 9390 7353
Westfield UK Clubman Australian agent for Westfield UK

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